Meine Seele tanzt - im Himmel und auf Erden


Ballett (1983-1996 bei Barbara Bernard & Vreni Foster)

Klavierspiel (seit 1989, Jazzschule Basel 2004-2006)

Rhythmische Sportgymnastik (1991-1999)

Tai-Chi (1998 - 2018 bei Cate Wallis & Grossmeister Chen Xiaowang)

Bachelor of Arts HES-SO in Innenarchitektur (HEAD-Genève 2009-2012)

Improvisationstanz & CI (2012- bei Adrian Russi, Susanne Mueller Nelson, Suzanne Nketia)

Spiritual Healing, bei Urs Gisler (2018 + 2019)

Medialität bei Sabine Wolters, Nicole Schwarz & Ann Kelly (seit 2019)





Deborah began her life-long love affair with dancing at the age of four,

training and performing throughout her childhood in ballet and rhythmic gymnastics.

Both disciplines gave her a comprehensive knowledge and understanding

of the body as an instrument of lyrical expression.

So, when Deborah found her way to the study of Tai Chi at the age of 18,

she intuitively grasped the philosophy of chi as an energy force

created from the dance of the Yin and Yang principles.

Since then, she has dedicated her life

to the study and exploration of this ancient Chinese practice

in the development of mind, body, and spirit, integrating it with her passion for dance.

In 2016, Deborah created a unique synthesis of Tai-Chi and free dance

into a joyful form of meditation in motion called Chi-Dance.


In Chi-Dance, Deborah helps us create a connection

with the dancing life energy of chi that is both grounded and free-flowing at the same time,

filling the mind, body, and spirit with the awareness and freedom of the present moment,

that wellspring of joy and contentment in the here and now.

With gentle encouragement, Deborah guides us to that expansive space within,

where the echoes of old ideas and beliefs that dance must look beautiful,

right, good or any particular way can no longer be heard from their place within our minds.

Instead, Chi-Dance invites us to that unbounded place within our hearts

where we may fully engage in creative movement

with the impulses of the ever-changing divine life force.


Text by M. D. Martin, 2019






Instagram: chi_dance_switzerland 


Facebook: www.chi-dance.ch