photo: raphael schaefer, journal du jura
photo: raphael schaefer, journal du jura




I am happy to inspire you,

to encourage you on your individual life path.


I started ballet when I was four years old because of my agility and love of movement.

I celebrated the delicate pink tutus, movement to piano music and dazzling performances, until the dance on points came.

Then I stopped. My feet say big thanks.

At 17 I got to know Tai-Chi in school sports and was then strongly encouraged in the Tai Chi school of Cate Wallis.

So at 18 I started teaching Tai Chi myself and participated in international Teacher Trainings of the Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.

In my early twenties I experienced my first dance improvisation lesson -

it was liberating, inspiring - pure danced love!

I discovered improvisational dance is the closest soul expression language for me.

Dancing freely is easy for me, I feel at home, completely at ease.


Improvising and acting intuitively became more and more part of my life.

In dancing, playing the piano, soul-drawings, writing lyrics and poems. 


I see myself as a translator from the subtle to the denser world, as a channel of cosmic energy.

Metaphysics and parapsychology fascinated me already as a small child

and as a teenager I discovered that I had "healing hands", that Energetic Healing is one of my gifts.


In all my fields of activity I am consciously connected with my spiritual team and continuously refine my mediumistic and psychic abilities.


 BALLET (1983-1996 with Barbara Bernard & Vreni Foster)

PIANO (since 1989, Jazzschool Basel 2004-2006)


TAI-CHI (1998 - 2018 with Cate Wallis & Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang)


IMPROVISATION DANCE (2012-2018 with Adrian Russi, Susanne Mueller Nelson, Suzanne Nketia)

SPIRITUAL HEALING  (2018 + 2019 with Urs Gisler)

MEDIUMSHIP & PSYCHICS (2016 with Pascal Voggenhuber, 2019 Sabine Wolters, Nicole Schwarz & Ann Kelly) 
MASTER IN MEDIUMSHIP (2021 + 2022 with Nicole Schwarz & Sandie Baker, Seelenkompass, Basel)